Thursday, October 15, 2009

100 crazy city names in the US

the site has a lot more cities around the world!
can you believe these are actual cities?!?!

Why, Arizona

French Lick, Indiana

Intercourse, Pennsylvania

Boring, Oregon

Hell, Michigan

Weed, New Mexico

Gay, Michigan

North, South Carolina

Waterproof, Louisiana

Climax, Michigan

Monkey's Eyebrow, Arizona

Santa Claus, Indiana

Gayville, South Dakota

Mud Lick, Kentucky

Blowhard, Australia

Blue Ball, Pennsylvania

Crappo, Maryland

Last Chance, Colorado

Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico

Elephant Butte, New Mexico

Flushing, New York

Gaysport, Ohio

Normal, Illinois

Hot Coffee, Mississippi

Stalker, Pennsylvania

Two Egg, Florida

Bangs, Texas

Gas, Kansas

Oatmeal, Texas

Paradox, Colorado

Earth, Texas

Shoulderblade, Kentucky

Yeehaw Junction, Florida

Bacon, Indiana

Cut and Shoot, Texas

Dead Horse, Alaska

Humptulips, Washington

Hygiene, Colorado

Oddville, Kentucky

Boring, Maryland

Bumpass, Virginia

Elmo, Missouri

Gun Barrel City, Texas

Happyland, Oklahoma

Mary's Igloo, Alaska

Bobo, Mississippi

Christmas, Florida

Experiment, Georgia

Poop Creek, Oregon

pussy creek ohio

Frostproof, Florida

Krypton, Kentucky

Man, West Virginia

Ninety-six, South Carolina

Ordinary, Kentucky

Picnic, Florida

Protection, Kansas

Quicksand, Kentucky

Walla Walla, Washington

Zap, North Dakota

Beebeetown, Iowa

Bird in Hand, New Mexico

Dry Prong, Louisiana

Novelty, Missouri

Petroleum, Kentucky

Sac City, Iowa

Scalp Level, Pennsylvania

Slaughter, Louisiana

California, Maryland

Canadian, Texas

Cut Shin, Kentucky

Enigma, Georgia

Hazard, Kentucky

Hippo, Kentucky

Loco, Oklahoma

Odd, West Virginia

Pinch, West Virginia

Poopoo, Hawaii

Relief, Kentucky

Speed, Kansas

Tea, South Dakota

What Cheer, Iowa

Yellow Water,Florida

Acme, West Virginia

Beer Bottle Crossing, Idaho

Burning Springs, Kentucky

Can do, North Dakota

Chocolate Bayou, Texas

Christmas, Michigan

Dripping Springs, Texas

Energy, Illinois

Fart, Virginia

Frognot, Texas

Gay Head, Massachusetts

Glasscock texas


Twitty, Texas



Beaver Lick, Kentucky


  1. I can't believe these city names! Great list!

  2. Let's not forget about Rough and Ready, California and Rough and Ready, Pennsylvania